It takes ecosystems to enable life to flourish. I am grateful for these communities: the Saturday Group poets past and present; Bi’an and the writers I spent time with in 2019 at the Arvon Centre course; 2018/2019 TOAST poets cohort; London Library Emerging Writers 2019/20 cohort; Nur Khairiyah for Rumah Khai; Maisie Chan for Bubble Tea Writers; Alice Hiller for the Saying the Difficult Thing and Voicing Our Silences communities; Poetry School Mixed Borders garden residency programme which was my gateway to London Gardens Trust, British horticulture and the urban green space movements; Astra Papachristodolou for Poem Atlas; Steven J Fowler for Poem Brut and Christy Ku for British E/SEA Poets collective.

Many individual writers and teachers, poets I’ve met on-the-page, online or in-person have planted seeds in my work and helped me to grow. This list would be extremely long and I would have no way of making sure it’s comprehensive. I just want to say thank you.