Bookmarks and plants

Handmade seeded paper bookmarks are available along with copies of More Than Weeds purchased directly from L Kiew.

Each bookmark is embedded with bee-friendly flower seeds. The paper is tree-free and made from recycled cotton.

When you have finished using your bookmark, here’s how to plant the seeds:

  1. In Spring/Summer, when it’s warm, soak the bookmark in water and tear into small pieces
  2. Place the pieces in a pot of compost and sprinkle more compost on top
  3. Keep the soil and paper moist (but not soaking wet) in a warm and light environment
  4. Once your small plants have grown, place your pot outside or keep on a window that has lots of sun

Seed Packets

More than Weeds seed packets will also be gifted at some events. These contain a mixture of cornflower and wildflower annuals.

  • Plant in poor soil with low nutrients. Avoid ground that has been heavily fertilised in the past.
  • Prepare the soil by clearing, raking and breaking up any large clumps of earth.
  • Sow seed from mid-March to late October, avoiding periods of extreme heat.
  • Annuals will flower the same year if sown during the spring or the previous autumn.