Second spring

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I have a confession to make. I’m not very good at stopping, taking stock of how I’ve grown. While the Earth revolved around the sun, my debut collection (long-germinated and watered) shot up and out in 2023. The poems flowered and fruited with readers. I was invited to bring its seeds and shoots to new places, and hoped for fertile,

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Off to the printers

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Last week and up until Wednesday, I was reviewing proofs and corresponding with Jane Commane – Editor and Director of Nine Arches Press. Page size constraints and the Nine Arches Press font led me to revisit the spacing and layout of my poems. Jane’s questions helped me to articulate and clarify my intent; for me, writing is often a process

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What about a playlist?

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The wonderful writer and performer Amy McCauley said the title of my collection reminded her of Extreme’s track, More than Words . What do you think? Do get in touch and suggest other tracks. I might put a playlist together.

Topsoil and dressing

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The last few weeks Jane Commane and I have been corresponding about the cover image for More Than Weeds. We’ve sent each other various artworks by botanical artists and shared our responses to them. Should we choose a particular plant? Is the image too pretty? Which colours are most powerful and eye-catching? Does it look like another book cover we’ve

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More than weeds

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My debut collection collection is coming out in February 2023 with Nine Arches Press. I’ve been exploring themes of migration, horticultural colonialism and nature in my poems. I can’t wait to share my poems about borders, belonging, people and place.